3 and up my butt!

This toy says 3 and up! 3 years and up my butt! Honestly what makes a toy 3 and up? Is it the fact that babies are likely to choke on small pieces?? Because this toy has NOTHING detachable!? Is it due to the fact that they figure it takes a child with 3 years of intelligence to figure out how to make the gadgets move? Because my soon to be 9th month old has got it all figured out. So I am sitting here contemplating what makes a toy appropriate for that age group? I have picked up soft infant rattles and checked the tags. Are you aware that most of those stuffed animal infant rattles say 3 and up as though a 3 year old is going to all of a sudden have a dire need for a rattle?!?!?! I am highly confused at how they decide on what makes a toy safe for that age group. And quite honestly I am surprised they don’t put 3 and up on EVERY toy just for the sole fact that if something were to happen to a smaller child they couldn’t be sued because after all they did put a warning on the tag; especially since we ALL look at tags! I mean don’t you look at the tag of EVERY stuffed animal you buy your child? (This is sarcasm) lol anyways my children love this toy so I say forget you 3 and up toys! You make my 9 month old and 2 year old VERY happy 🙂

Why do they decide what is age appropriate!


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Well I watched my boss/friend’s daughter tonight! She is such a total sweet heart! I just wanted to cuddle with her all night! She had a complete and udder crush on my son and husband lol! She kept loving up on Logan giving him hugs and kisses and then every time my husband walked in the room she would smile and wave at him! yeah I know those Sanders’ men are studs 😉 Anyways here are a couple snap shots I took tonight 🙂




Laundry Day part 2

Today today today! There really isn’t much to say about today. It was a relatively boring day. I spent more time online instead of cleaning. I am tired of cleaning! I envy those who can clean for a living! I think I would go insane… although it is fun to go through other’s things instead of my own lol. Anywho, here is the second laundry pic!

Part 2 of Laundry Day

Laundry Day

It seems that both of my babies have an obsession with laundry! Whether clean or dirty they don’t care they want to play with it, crawl in it, drool on it and throw it around! My daughter loves to unfold the clothes faster than I can fold them and my son likes to chew on the ones that get flung on the floor! So it is because of this obsession with laundry I decided to do a series of laundry pictures! These pictures consist of my son being adorable sitting in our laundry basket! I will post one tonight and post more tomorrow 🙂

Laundry Day!


NO Jenn I am not referring to Beautiful B*tchy Friends! lol I am referring to Back Button Focusing! [b]ecker has inspired me to learn how to do this! Basically it is a way to focus on your camera! It DEFINITELY takes some getting used to but I am DETERMINED to learn!!! Here are some shots I took of my kids using BBF

Logan's eyes



I started playing the piano when I was 7 years old. I used to practice on one of those tiny tiny little happy meal sized keyboards. I taught myself twinkle twinkle little star and it was all down hill from there! My parents allowed me to take lessons where my love for music thrived. I used to play all day, and I am sure I drove my parents nuts with the endless noise. And although I rarely play now, I am so grateful for the fact that I know how! However, rusty I may be I know if I were to practice again I would be able to play beautiful music once more!

My parents bought me this little glass piano when I was a little girl and I have always treasured it!


Hecticness…. is that even a word???

Well this weekend has been pretty hectic! I haven’t had time for much of anything. I managed to snap a couple pics of my friend’s cat this evening. I just got home and am about to go to bed but thought I’d post this first 🙂 So here is The Cat… I can’t remember his name.. I think it is something like gnarly or something. And in true form of rambling I am making NO sense! I really am tired lol.


My husband and I have been painting the house ALL day!!! I didn’t have very much time for my camera… unless I wanted paint all over it lol. I still wanted to share a picture I just found on my computer this evening! I took it a while ago but I still think she is cute with her little pouty face 🙂