Wedding photography

I was looking back at some of my pictures and realized just how much I truly love wedding photography. There is something amazing about being a wedding photographer. To be able to take part of someone’s special day and help them remember all of those little things on their wedding day. I can barely remember details from my own wedding so looking back at pictures and going oooo I remember that is awesome!!! I would love to be a part of your day! I do weddings everywhere, some of my more local places in California are Redlands, Highland, San Bernardino, Colton, Beaumont. I also love to go closer to the beach cities like San Diego, Lugonia, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach. And of course I am always up for traveling! If you are interested in having me shoot your wedding, please don’t hesitate to call (909) 534-7825 or email me so that we can come up with a wedding package to fit your needs!

Gay Marriage Ban Lifted!

This is a dawning of a new era. I know it will take time, but I think that the prejudice needs to stop and this is the first step towards that. To celebrate this new era I am offering the first 10 gay/lesbian couples getting married using Turtle Dove Photography get a 15% discount on wedding photography! Don’t let other people’s prejudice stop you from having a beautiful ceremony, and having beautiful pictures to last your lifetime!

Gay Marriage Ban lifted


OK here are my kiddos from today… apparently I am going for another eating theme lol


Don’t bother me I’m eating!

Contest Winners!

Well as most of you know I had a contest a while back! I finally got to meet with the contest winners to do a shoot at Fairmount Park. Shawna and her family are so adorable! Her kids are way too cute!

Well I am happy to finally have met the person behind the computer 😉 Here is your sneak peak! I will try to post a few more later but for now here are a couple 🙂

4/365 It's not every day. . .

. . . That I can get a picture of both kids together lol

I am only posting one photograph today. I think this says it all! Rory is being a booger and dancing on the table while Logan looks at me thinking “oooo whacha gonna do about that mom????” This is typical in our house, Rory doing whatever she can get away with :p and poor little Logan wondering if she’s really going to get away with it or not hahaha

4/365 Table Dancer

Day 3 of the project

I took a TON of pics but decided to just post two today 🙂

My theme for today was food lol (not really but it kind of just happened that way lo)


Because Dipping Sauce is just THAT good!
3/365 Because Mc Donald's Sweet and Sour Dipping sauce is just THAT good!

Who doesn’t sleep like this?!?!
3/365 Who doesn't sleep like this?!?!?! lol