New Pricing!

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is that time again. My pricing will be having a complete overhaul shortly. I am changing my packages around to better benefit you! Soo be on the look out within the next week of my website and pricing having some major changes. Also be on the look out for a fun and exciting new announcement!


The Holiday Season

WOw I can’t believe that the holiday season is fast approaching! I am looking forward to this Christmas so much this year! Rory will almost be 3 and this may just be the first christmas she will remember! I can’t wait to see how excited she gets. They are already putting up Christmas stuff at Target and she got super excited over some penguins that light up! SOOOO CUTE!!! Logan doesn’t talk like Rory but his eyes get really HUGE when he sees those lights! I can’t wait to drive down the streets and see all the houses lit up 🙂

Well with the holiday season fast approaching this also means that my available times for weddings and other sessions are filling up fast! If you are getting married this November/December than now is the time to book your wedding! I only have a handful of days available so make sure to get in contact soon to ensure that your wedding date is available 🙂

Also a quick reminder for those who want to get Christmas cards done. It is best to do your holiday session between late September and early November, this is so we can make sure your pictures are edited and your cards are ready to be in the mail by early December. Due to the business of Holiday weddings, I am only accepting a limited number of Holiday Sessions. So if you are interested in having one done, the sooner you book your date the better!

Private School

I just signed up for [b] school private school. I am totally excited! I’ve already made contacts with a few photographers and can’t wait to get to know them all! Soo excited! I hope to see some other locals come on board shortly!

What exactly IS editing????

This is a question I’ve gotten a lot from people. It is hard for me to explain how much nicer an edited image looks versus a non edited image. I made a post a while back about the importance of editing, but it is so far in the archives I figured I’d just post one again 🙂

Editing consists of many things. Editing is basically the work that happens after taking the picture, you know the behind the scenes stuff. Unedited pictures are fine, but editing just adds to the beauty of an image. Editing consists of cropping and adjusting the contrast, lighting, converting to black and white, doing selective coloring, taking out any blemishes as well as changing the tone of an image, and the occasional fixing of an unsightly bulge (even the skinniest people can turn funny and get something that looks a bit off, well I’ll fix that when I can). While a non edited picture looks perfectly fine, once you see the edited version you can’t believe the difference! (You will never be able to look at the original the same again) :p

When you order a custom album you get all of the images that are placed in the album fully edited. Editing can be very time consuming which is one of the factors as to why the custom albums are more expensive.

Here is just one example of an edited picture versus non edited

New Albums!!!

I am really excited to announce the arrival of custom albums! These albums come nice and big at 10 inches by 10 inches. Each album will contain FULLY edited images, not only are you getting a beautiful album you are getting the highest quality images possible!

CLICK HERE for sample album

Woohoo Halloween is Coming!

We bought the kids their halloween costumes today. We took them to Ontario Mills today and visited Children’s Place. We showed them the costumes and they both picked out their own. It was really cute. Since Logan is still so young we showed him a penguin or a teddy bear and let him choose between the two. He got all excited and picked the teddy bear. For Rory I showed her a lot of costumes and she wanted to be a flower (remind you of anyone???) HA HA family inside joke sorry. I’m sure I’ll take some in studio pics later but I just wanted to snap a few today 🙂

Awwww sad lil flower (not really she was just watchin tv)

She looks so sad in this picture 🙁 She was really just watching tv
Awwww sad lil flower (not really she was just watchin tv)

Don’t Feed the Bears… oops! I guess this one is okay to feed cuz at least he is cute and doesnt have very many teeth 🙂
Don't feed the bears. . .

Don't feed the bears. . .

I Love My kids

I ordered Rory a dress from a girl I’ve known for a while now. Her name is Amy and she is awesome at making clothes! Her website is an etsy shop Baby Threads Boutique. Rory loves her little dress she thought it was the prettiest thing ever. I was trying to get a nice full length picture of Rory but she was too busy cuddling with her baby brother on the couch watching tv. Speaking of the baby brother, Logan is such a sweetheart. He has just learned to climb on the couch and when he does he acts like he has just climbed Mount Everest. It is just so dang adorable! He is so cute, he climbs up there and gets this big huge smile like LOOK MOMMY I DID IT!!! Well I was trying to get a picture and how could I pass up this photo opportunity.

watching movies together

I always prefer black and whites of my kids :)