My husband LOVES USC. For a while one of our rooms was decked out in USC stuff. I find it rather amusing, mainly because I grew up in a house that did not watch ANY sports on tv. . . well anything other than fights (my dad is a master in Martial Arts). So now I am married to a jock lol. He LOVES sports ESPECIALLY college football. He has several USC beanies and Rory grabbed one today and put it on. I HAD to take a picture 🙂

Hubby LOVES USC football

I'm BACK!!!

My internet has been messing up! Basically for the past week and a half it has been working sporadically and usually only in 10 minute intervals! GEESH!!! Well we canceled our DSL and switched over to cable! As always seems to happen instead of the usual “30” minutes it was supposed to take it took nearly 4 hours to have installed! again *GEESH* Well it is finally up and my internet is running faster than ever! not only is it super fast it also saves us a whopping $10 a month again WOOHOO!!!! soooo I’m back! I have missed my blog for the past 10 or so days! and wanted to jump on and share a pic of my cutie! She is in LOVE with hats lately 🙂

lately she is in love with hats :)

22 weeks!

Well I haven’t done a belly pic in about 5 weeks. So I thought I’d throw up my 22 week pic 🙂

22 weeks!