The More the Merrier

What a cool family! I had a shoot on Saturday with 13 people! It was a huge family shoot that included mom, dad their 5 kids, as well as grandma, grandpa, a cousin her significant other and their two cute kids! WOW!!! Can you say a LOT of people 🙂 They were very sweet though and I’d shoot for them anytime 🙂

Here is the sneak peak! I have a TON of pics to go through! With so many people it seems like it never fails that there is always AT LEAST one person not looking at the camera :p

The Grandparents and the kiddos (come on these two look WAY to young to have grandkids!)

Mom and her girls!

WOOHOO!!! Eye contact from everyone except the baby – but seriously babies that young NEVER give eye contact :p

Miracles Happen

Some of you may remember my post about my dear friend Kat who has been trying to adopt. If you don’t you can read it HERE

Anyways, today she brought home a beautiful baby girl. I am so beyond happy for her and Eric! Congratulations you two!!!! Whitney is absolutely beautiful!!! I wish I could fly out there to take pictures of that gorgeous little girl! In the meantime just now huge hugs coming your way along with tears of joy!

New Backdrops

I just recently got a few new backdrops and have been dying to try them out 🙂 I got a pastel yellow & a pastel pink (these are large enough for 2 small children or 1 adult) I also got a grey marble backdrop that should be large enough for a couple people but I haven’t tried it out yet 🙂 Anyways, I decided to snap a couple pics of my favorite subject and she insisted on posing herself, thus this is the only picture that came out lol

Baby M | Highland, California | Childrens Photographer

Well my dear friend Jenni had her baby on Friday. I went and visited her in the hospital yesterday and just HAD to take a few snaps of her! She is GORGEOUS!!!!! I’m totally in love and she makes me SO anxious to have my little one!!! I can’t wait to get baby M in the studio to do some shots!!! I’ve bought a few new backdrops and what not and I can’t wait! (of course now I have to get my studio cleaned out and set up so that I CAN do studio shots!!!) Anyways, Jenni gave me permission to post some pics of her beauty on here so friends and family could see gorgeous baby M

awwww she is smirking!!!!

I am not normally a huge fan of selective coloring, but how could I resist doing at least one pic of her with her pink bow!

OMG look at those eyes!!! so wide awake!

I have the BEST Brides!!!

I love all my brides, I love seeing the wedding progress from the planning stages, to the wedding day and then seeing their love progress for years to come! However, I absolutely love when every once in a while you come across a bride that you immediately hit it off with! Shannon is one of them! She is such an amazing person, I can talk to her for HOURS and I feel like I didn’t just gain a client I’ve gained a fun new friend! She called me up this week and said she wanted to get together today, of course I said yes! When i showed up she surprised me with this absolutely GORGEOUS diaper cake!!! I seriously almost started crying! She is such a sweet heart! She knows that my favorite color combos are brown/pink and brown/blue and seeing as we don’t know the sex of the baby she made a cake to go either way! I had to come on and share a picture! Thanks so much Shannon! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Oh and if you need a ‘food’ cake she makes AWESOME designer cakes!

Watch Me Grow :p

Well I am 33 weeks today 🙂 I think I’ve officially ‘popped’ 🙂

Here is a fun little animation I did to show from 17 weeks to 33 weeks (give it a little bit to load completely)


We took my little man in to get a haircut today! WOOHOOO no more looking like a little girl!

Just one reason professionals charge what they do

When someone books a session I edit ALL of the pictures that they see in their proof gallery. Whether it be removing a pimple, to removing unwanted back-fat, as well as adjusting: the color, contrast, skin tones and so much more. Taking the actual picture is only part of what a professional photographer does 🙂

Please give it a few seconds to load, and surely I don’t need to say which is the before versus the after 😉