Congrats Christina & Ryan ~ Redlands, CA ~ Engagement Photographer

Had such a wonderful time meeting up with Christina & Ryan! It was a freezing cold morning and the entire time we feared it would start raining at any moment. Luckily the rain held out til just moments after we were finished 🙂 This couple is absolutely adorable & I can hardly wait to do their wedding in June!

You KNOW you have a fun couple when they are willing to commandeer a tractor

Congrats again you two!

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Ashlynn Gracie is turning 2! ~ Redlands, CA ~ Toddler Photography

WOW. It is so hard to believe that my sweet little baby is already going to be 2! She is the sweetest most lovable little baby. She brings me so much joy & smiles every day!

This sweet little Precious Moment’s doll was mine as a child

OF COURSE I had to get another edition of Lynn in the cup!

1 year (wow what a difference just one year makes!)

10.5 months old

7 months

4 months

2 days old

Logan ~ Highland, CA ~ Photographer

My son Logan. He is NOT the taking picture kind of kid. I always get messages from worried parents because their “last” picture experience with another photographer was horrible, and that their kid does NOT like getting pictures done. I get countless emails, phone calls & texts from clients who can’t believe, that after what they thought was a failed session, I was able to capture genuine smiles and adorable pictures of their little ones. However, with my own son, it is near impossible. He gives me more trouble then you could possibly imagine. I could fall down a flight of stairs, & break my leg, all while blowing bubbles & playing the banjo, and if the camera is in my hands he would NOT look at me. You think I’m joking. . . . I’m not.

Well today I am happy to say, that I figured out just how to get cute pictures of my son! Apparently the trick is to buy him brand new clothes & surprise him with them & then hurry up and get some pics! Logan LOVES getting new clothes, and absolutely ADORES shoes & hats. So this weekend I went to Target & bought him a hat, 2 shirts, a belt and new shoes. He has plenty of pants so I didn’t think I needed to buy him another pair, apparently I was wrong. After I gave him each item he hugged them and said THANKS!! Then when I got done giving him the loot, he looks in the empty bag and says to me “where’s the pants?” HAHAHAHA oh man I about died laughing. I swear sometimes you just can’t win with 3 year olds!

However, much to my EXTREME pleasure I was able to capture some absolutely ADORABLE pictures of my little man, so I am truly happy 🙂


Easter is fast approaching! ~ Highland, CA ~ Photography

As I’ve stated before, I love Easter & it is fast approaching. Today I did a trial run for my Easter Mini sessions. It was SO much fun & the bunnies were so sweet and soft! I just had to hop on and share some pics 🙂

Rory & Leighton were SO excited & thought it was hilarious because Harry Bunny was eating celery

Logan even loved the bunnies!

Ashlynn thought they were wonderful

And an out take from before the session of my adorable son and my awesome man 🙂

If you are interested in booking an Easter Mini Session with these adorable bunnies. I still have a few spots available. Sessions are $75 and include a disc of 7 to 10 high resolution files 🙂 email me at to book your session