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I absolutely love taking pictures of kids! I thought I’d start out by posting a pic of my little monkeys! <3 I really need to take my Logan out to get some pics!

I would love to take pictures of your children. To book a session please email

My sister-in-law, Amanda, has been insisting I start watching Doctor Who. So after ‘trying’ to wait for my husband to watch it with me, I just went ahead and started watching it without him. . OF COURSE I GOT HOOKED! I mean come on. . . How could a nerd like myself NOT get hooked :)

So as I was ending the last available season on Netflix & contemplating Amanda’s birthday, my husband happened to have a stereo delivered. I looked over saw my 11 month old son playing with the box and thought now hey THAT box would make a good Tardis. So I went on a mission to create a birthday present for Amanda. First to find out, which doctor she liked. She told me the 10th and the 4th. After seeing the 4th, I just KNEW I had to turn my curly haired son into Tom Baker. So I enlisted the help of a couple talented friends and clients to create his outfit, and then started researching the 4th doctor’s tardis, from what I found online, the 4th doctor had a ‘black’ sign vs the white you see in the older/newer episodes & his tardis was simpler than the others. SCORE! I can do this!

Also, while researching the 4th doctor I also came across the quote “There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes”. This solidified everything. It was just too perfect, the quote, the curly hair, everything. I HAD to do this. Meanwhile my husband was sitting there looking at me like I’m crazy because my inner nerd was totally shining through & I was getting more and more excited as each piece started falling into place! It took a month to piece together & set up everything, but I love the end result! If you have some nerd in you, I’d love to hear from you! :)

It was made using a stereo box, pizza box, can of soup, paint, printer/cardstock paper, scissors, a glue stick – and a lot of patience lol!

Well for those of you that have noticed, I haven’t been to active on my blog lately. I have been taking a break while I’m on maternity leave but my sweet baby boy is finally here! He was born on July 21, 2012 and weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and only 18 inches long. Jamieson and I are completely in love with this little boy & feel so blessed to have him in our lives. I wanted to share some pictures with everyone :)

I hope you enjoyed his pictures as much as I do ;-) I would love to take pictures for you! Contact me at

I am beyond thrilled and excited to announce that I’m pregnant!!! Yep it is true! My fiance & I are expecting a sweet little baby in July sometime! I can hardly get over it & he can’t stop smiling since finding out. I feel so blessed & beyond happy & wanted to share my joyous news with everyone :D

I grew up looking at classic cars at the Rosa Maria’s car shows and Route 66. I helped my dad fix up an old beetle & genuinely loved the classics. Now that I’m all grown up I have lost my excitement for cars. I think some are absolutely beautiful but I just don’t have the time to really drool over them like I did as a child. Well, seeing as I’m dating a mechanic I think I will be subjected to cars left and right until I find a love for them again. Last weekend my honey brought his beloved *cough piece of crap cough* car to Toyotafest. I was informed that I WOULD be going and the only way out of it was to book a wedding, and furthermore I was going to be forced to bring my camera & take pictures of all of the cars. I think the coolest part of the day for me was being able to go on & enjoy lunch on the Queen Mary. The service was extremely slow but the food was really good & I could definitely NOM the heck out of their fries! YUMMMMM. Here’s a snap of my sweetie in the phone booth they had! How cool is it!

Well I am far from a car photographer & even if I were Toyotafest was FAR to crowded to take decent pictures, but seeing as Jamieson asks so little of me I figured I better at least try to get a handful of shots for him, even though I had NO clue what exactly he wanted. Regardless here are a few of the cars we found interesting :)

I LOVED the body work on this car. SEXXXAY

Aww look it is my car’s ancestor! Too bad corolla’s still didn’t look like this! I’d totally sport that!

I guess this car is worth a pretty penny. . . eh how about a close up lol

Well there is something about this car Jamieson is in LOVE with. . . In the great words of Liar Liar “I’ve had better” :-P

Jamieson informed me that I NEEDED to get a picture of the tire/wheel of this car. . . umm ok?????

OH GOOD GAWD! Bring on those damn Cressidas

Jamieson’s Lover. . . umm I mean car. . .

David’s car

A serious FTW exhaust. . yes that would be a star for the exhaust & David’s head popping up behind it

David’s car was nice & shiny so I figured time for a portrait of me & my honey

WOW. It is so hard to believe that my sweet little baby is already going to be 2! She is the sweetest most lovable little baby. She brings me so much joy & smiles every day!

This sweet little Precious Moment’s doll was mine as a child

OF COURSE I had to get another edition of Lynn in the cup!

1 year (wow what a difference just one year makes!)

10.5 months old

7 months

4 months

2 days old

My son Logan. He is NOT the taking picture kind of kid. I always get messages from worried parents because their “last” picture experience with another photographer was horrible, and that their kid does NOT like getting pictures done. I get countless emails, phone calls & texts from clients who can’t believe, that after what they thought was a failed session, I was able to capture genuine smiles and adorable pictures of their little ones. However, with my own son, it is near impossible. He gives me more trouble then you could possibly imagine. I could fall down a flight of stairs, & break my leg, all while blowing bubbles & playing the banjo, and if the camera is in my hands he would NOT look at me. You think I’m joking. . . . I’m not.

Well today I am happy to say, that I figured out just how to get cute pictures of my son! Apparently the trick is to buy him brand new clothes & surprise him with them & then hurry up and get some pics! Logan LOVES getting new clothes, and absolutely ADORES shoes & hats. So this weekend I went to Target & bought him a hat, 2 shirts, a belt and new shoes. He has plenty of pants so I didn’t think I needed to buy him another pair, apparently I was wrong. After I gave him each item he hugged them and said THANKS!! Then when I got done giving him the loot, he looks in the empty bag and says to me “where’s the pants?” HAHAHAHA oh man I about died laughing. I swear sometimes you just can’t win with 3 year olds!

However, much to my EXTREME pleasure I was able to capture some absolutely ADORABLE pictures of my little man, so I am truly happy :)