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The real reason to have a baby is so that you can have the perfect little being for every picture :p Ashlynn is such a sweet little girl! She lets me do just about whatever I want with her and she sleeps right through it :D I am completely in love with this baby!!!

and my fav :)

my poor baby is already getting subjected to the flash of the camera! I did a little mini shoot with her today and she was a total sleepy wonderful baby :) Here are my favs

We welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world this weekend! Ashlynn Gracie was born May 24th at 1:51am :) We are completely in love with her. For those of you whom I have recently done sessions with I am still working on them however, due to Miss Ashlynn’s appearance I am running a few days behind ;)

Anyways here is my beautiful little girl

Self Portraits

May 21, 2009

Well I am HORRIBLE at taking self portraits! After all I am used to being BEHIND the camera not in front of it lol so these are a bit blurry and not that great. I thought I’d share anyways!

Any day now!

May 19, 2009

Well I will be 38 weeks on Thursday. I had both of my other 2 children at about this time! I wonder how much longer I will hold out with this lil bean :)

Also I gave my little man a faux hawk today so I had to snap a picture! He was just oh so cute :)

when you have a sleeping daddy!

I go to the bathroom come out and this is how I find these two! They were so cute!

I just had to share one more pic! She is just such a cutie I couldn’t resist :)