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I love this sweet little girl! This was my 3rd or 4th time having the pleasure of photographing her. She is just the cutest little thing & her smile just makes you want to pick her up and cuddle her! I can hardly believe she is already going to be a 1 year old! Oh. . and she is already RUNNING!!!! Way to go sweet London!

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This couple was just so much fun! Sean & Nicole have a very sweet love at first sight type story. A bunch of Sean’s friends decided to drag him out to a bar one evening. After hanging out for a bit he spotted Nicole across the room. Completely speechless, he couldn’t help but think she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. All night he kept trying to get up the nerve to talk to her but just couldn’t get up the guts too. Meanwhile Nicole was there with a friend who happened to spot one of Sean’s friends, & thinking Sean’s friend was very cute she decided to drag Nicole with her to go talk to him. When they got to the boys’ table Nicole decided, what the heck, and struck up a conversation with Sean. He asked for her phone number and as the sweet girl she is told him that she doesn’t give her number out to guys at bars. Sean kept insisting but when it didn’t prevail he gave her his phone number and asked her to call him. She did & the rest is history!

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I had the complete pleasure of photographing Lauren & her beautiful family. Her girls are just too cute for words, so I’ll stop at that and just show you the pics :)

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I absolutely ADORE photographing Couples. This is probably one of the sweetest expectant couples I’ve ever met. The way John looked at Courtney with complete and utter adoration absolutely melted my heart! You can just feel the love that is between them & know that this sweet little baby will be welcomed into the most amazing family! Congrats you two! I can hardly wait to see what your sweet little girl or boy will look like!

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I have been lucky enough to photograph this little guy 3 times. He is seriously just the cutest little red head EVER! If I didn’t think his parents would be extremely upset I would insist on keeping him!

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