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It is so neat to get to hang out with fun kids. I can’t even express how much I love being able to take part in people’s lives and capture memories for them. This is my 3rd or 4th time taking pictures of this sweet family & I can’t get over how quickly baby Alex has changed since our last session & Andrew is as adorable as ever!!!

I had to start off this post with this picture! It had me laughing so hard! This is such a typical ’sibling’ moment. I can just picture Alex thinking “mommmm he’s kissing me!!!” lol

I absolutely ADORE evening pictures! When I say I love shooting an hour or so before sunset this is why! You can’t get this look if you don’t do it at that time :)

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I had such an awesome time this weekend doing not one, not two but SIX Easter sessions WITH real live bunnies (thanks to my awesome friend Yvonne! YOU ARE AWESOME GIRL). Seriously though, this was AWESOME!!! SO MUCH FUN! I had to share some of the pics from this weekend!

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I love all of my beautiful children! They make me so happy & I love their gorgeous smiling faces. Lately my 2 girls have been a lot easier to photograph than my son, so I decided to have a mommy/daughter day and take my girls to the park to take some pictures. I mainly wanted to get some pictures of my oldest as it has been several months since I’ve taken really nice pictures of her. We had an awesome time! Of course I had to bribe Rory with feeding the ducks after pictures. . . oh and playing on the playground too! hahahaha My girls rock!

Lynn being a squirrely girl

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Wow I am such a horrible blogger! I did a session for this awesome couple to help them adopt another baby :) I’m so excited for them & hope they get a new baby boy/girl asap :) Here are my 3 favorites from their fun session :)

This session was so amazingly rad for so many reasons. The main reason was the fact that I have been talking to Lady M on a message forum for the past 2 years and FINALLY got to meet her! She is just as funny in person and I think we laughed almost the entire session! It was so awesome to meet you girly & I hope you can drag your butt down to California again some time soon!

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I can’t believe it has been over a month since my last blog post! Wow so much has happened in the past month but I will save all that for another date! I wanted to put up some pics from my most recent Maternity session :)

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