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I’ve known Ben G. since 9th grade so when he called me up to take pictures of him and his partner (also named Ben) I was ECSTATIC! The Bens are so in love and such a wonderful couple. When I see them my heart warms up and breaks at the same time. EVERYONE deserves to marry the person they love. Fingers crossed that the Bens will get that chance very soon <3

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What a totally fun couple! I think perhaps they had too much fun!

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I had such an awesome time going out and shooting this gorgeous Engagement session! I can hardly wait to take part of their wedding :)


Had such a wonderful time meeting up with Christina & Ryan! It was a freezing cold morning and the entire time we feared it would start raining at any moment. Luckily the rain held out til just moments after we were finished :) This couple is absolutely adorable & I can hardly wait to do their wedding in June!

You KNOW you have a fun couple when they are willing to commandeer a tractor

Congrats again you two!

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