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Kylie turns TWO!

May 9, 2008

My dear friend’s daughter, Kylie, turns two on June 13th exactly 3 days after my son turns 1! Last year her daughter’s birthday party was June 9th, I went and was miserable the whole time. Silly me I thought it was the plastic lawn chairs but in reality I was in labor hahahaha. The entire party she kept telling me I was going to have my son the next day and I kept saying I wish but yeah right! HA! I had my beautiful bundle of joy the next day at 4:16pm!

Happy Birthday Ky!

Kylie turns TWO

Kylie turns TWO

Kylie turns TWO

Kylie turns TWO

Kylie turns TWO

Bring on the music :)

May 4, 2008

I just added a music player to my blog :) I put a few of my favorite songs. Let me know what you think! Any auggestions on songs I should add? :)


May 3, 2008

My sweet little Aurora made my day yesterday! For the first time ever she told me she loved me :) I had just got done making her lunch, and I came over to give it to her, then bent down and kissed her head and said “you are so adorable, I love you!” She looked up to me with those big huge blue eyes and tried to say it back! It came out I Low Lu. Those three little words, that came out sounding wrong like everything else she says, made me completely break down! As I felt my eyes swell, I couldn’t help but think, nothing can top this. :)

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Drum Roll Please!

May 1, 2008

The Winner to the Fresh Faces Contest is SHAWNA!!! :D Congratulations Shawna and I look forward to meeting and photographing your beautiful family!


May 1, 2008

So I just discovered and OMG I freakin love it! They have all kinds of photography related shirts that crack me up I would buy a them all if i could…with the exception of the nikon shirts as it doesn’t really apply to me :)

Shirts that say things like

If you could save a man from drowning or photograph it what F/stop would you use?

I shoot people with my Canon

My kids think I’m the Paparazzi


and so far my favorite

Photographers make it last longer

Anyways I just had to share this site it is totally hilarious and I plan to go check out some more shirts :)