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New Albums!!!

September 10, 2008

I am really excited to announce the arrival of custom albums! These albums come nice and big at 10 inches by 10 inches. Each album will contain FULLY edited images, not only are you getting a beautiful album you are getting the highest quality images possible!

CLICK HERE for sample album

Woohoo Halloween is Coming!

September 7, 2008

We bought the kids their halloween costumes today. We took them to Ontario Mills today and visited Children’s Place. We showed them the costumes and they both picked out their own. It was really cute. Since Logan is still so young we showed him a penguin or a teddy bear and let him choose between the two. He got all excited and picked the teddy bear. For Rory I showed her a lot of costumes and she wanted to be a flower (remind you of anyone???) HA HA family inside joke sorry. I’m sure I’ll take some in studio pics later but I just wanted to snap a few today :)

Awwww sad lil flower (not really she was just watchin tv)

She looks so sad in this picture :( She was really just watching tv
Awwww sad lil flower (not really she was just watchin tv)

Don’t Feed the Bears… oops! I guess this one is okay to feed cuz at least he is cute and doesnt have very many teeth :)
Don't feed the bears. . .

Don't feed the bears. . .

I Love My kids

September 5, 2008

I ordered Rory a dress from a girl I’ve known for a while now. Her name is Amy and she is awesome at making clothes! Her website is an etsy shop Baby Threads Boutique. Rory loves her little dress she thought it was the prettiest thing ever. I was trying to get a nice full length picture of Rory but she was too busy cuddling with her baby brother on the couch watching tv. Speaking of the baby brother, Logan is such a sweetheart. He has just learned to climb on the couch and when he does he acts like he has just climbed Mount Everest. It is just so dang adorable! He is so cute, he climbs up there and gets this big huge smile like LOOK MOMMY I DID IT!!! Well I was trying to get a picture and how could I pass up this photo opportunity.

watching movies together

I always prefer black and whites of my kids :)

Where does the time go!

September 4, 2008

I really do mean that! I am sitting her on my computer about ready to go to bed and I realize WOW it seems like I JUST got home. Then before I know it it’s time for bed and time to start another day! I hate going to bed because I know as soon as I wake up its off to my morning job, I hate leaving in the morning because my little girl is almost always awake. Just this morning she was crying for some juice. I went to the kitchen got her a glass of water and gave it to her and laid her back to bed. She said “mommy bed” meaning she wanted me to lay down in the spare bed in her room. I told her no sweetie Mommy has to go to work. She cried a little and said NO MOMMY MOMMY BED! It breaks my heart that I couldn’t just cuddle up with her in bed and go back to sleep. She is growing up so fast and I’m never going to get back these times when she is just so sweet and so innocent. I love her so much and I look forward to the day that I can quit my “day” job and just stay home with her and Logan and concentrate on them and photography. *sigh* ~My husband applied for a new job and interviewed on Thursday, I’m sure we will hear something back anytime. Please keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer that he gets it!