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Watch Me Grow :p

April 17, 2009

Well I am 33 weeks today :) I think I’ve officially ‘popped’ :)

Here is a fun little animation I did to show from 17 weeks to 33 weeks (give it a little bit to load completely)


April 16, 2009

We took my little man in to get a haircut today! WOOHOOO no more looking like a little girl!

When someone books a session I edit ALL of the pictures that they see in their proof gallery. Whether it be removing a pimple, to removing unwanted back-fat, as well as adjusting: the color, contrast, skin tones and so much more. Taking the actual picture is only part of what a professional photographer does :)

Please give it a few seconds to load, and surely I don’t need to say which is the before versus the after ;)

I had a great time meeting Page at Victoria Gardens today. I love VG it is such a beautiful mall! With the way everything is designed I love to go window shopping. We got there about an hour before it opened which let us have it pretty much to ourselves which was AWESOME! :) Here are a few shots from today :)

Seriously, does it GET any cuter????

This is probably my favorite picture from today :)

32 weeks!

April 9, 2009

WOW I can’t believe I am already 32 weeks!!! I had both my other children at 38 weeks, which means I may very well be holding my little baby in as little as 6 weeks!! That is LESS than 2 months people!!!! I am in shock! I am so excited! And I am NO where NEAR ready to be a mom of THREE children 3 years and younger!!!


April 5, 2009

We stopped off at Applebee’s for lunch. Rory was so cute she kept wanting to call it Apple juice so it would come out Apple Jui bees lol

She’s so pretty :)


It is always fun to see children grow-up and see how they have changed over the years :) I have been taking pictures of Peterann’s gorgeous family since I started doing photography, and it amazes me how much her adorable little one grow! These are probably 3 of the sweetest most well behaved children I have ever met. These kids make me look like a horrible mom who can’t control her kids lol, they are THAT well behaved and completely sweet! It was such a blast to be able to once again spend some time with this amazing family!

Peterann's Beautiful Family