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Aurora IS princess Aurora ;)

Individual Session
1 child $85.00 2 Children $95.00 3 Children $110.00 4 Children $125.00

Hi everyone! I know I am late on posting the winners to the Pay IT Forward Contest. There were just so many touching stories it was hard to narrow it down to only two. After much thought we have FINALLY decided on the two winners.

The two Winners are

The Parerra Family and the Reindl family.

Stories of the winners to come :)

*Please contact me within 30 days to set up your session

Now doing Halloween pics!

Book your child’s in-studio Halloween Pictures!

Halloween Session comes with a disc of images with each child’s picture taken individually.

Individual Session
1 child $85.00 2 Children $95.00 3 Children $110.00 4 Children $125.00

I had an awesome session this past weekend with a GORGEOUS family! I may be slightly partial as I am in LOVE with the Asian culture. Growing up I always told my mom that I wanted to adopt a little Asian girl! Well that didn’t end up happening so the next best thing is to take pictures of these adorable little cuties! I was informed that it is tradition in the Japanese culture that when your little girl turns three years old you take pictures of her in a kimono! Let me tell you this completely made my heart melt! SOOOOO stinkin cute!

Ok and seriously look at her eyes!!! absolutely GORGEOUS

Absolutely Beautiful Family!

It was my pleasure to once again take pictures of this little sweetheart! She is 4 months old now and a total cutie!!!