Bekky and Mark | Redlands, California | Wedding Photographer

Yesterday I had a great pleasure in photographing Bekky and Mark’s wedding. This wedding was very special to me because I have known Bekky for over 10 years. She went to high school with my older brother and then we went to church together for several years as well. She is not only a wonderful mom but she is one of the kindest people I’ve ever known and the entire day I was fighting back tears! Congratulations Bekky and Mark I am SOOO happy for you!

I absolutely ADORED Bekky’s flowers! I love when brides choose such bright and beautiful bouquets!
Oct 18 wedding

Such a gorgeous bride!
Oct 18 wedding

Bekky and Mark had 3 small cakes and then a TON of cupcakes! I loved how original this set up was and I loved the cupcake toppers! Absolutely gorgeous!
these adorable little cupcakes were at last nights wedding