Flash Palette is awesome!

I have been looking to update my website for quite some time, I have been looking into blu domain and have heard nothing but horrible things about their customer service and servers going down and everything else. Well I currently have flash palette I love how easy they are to use, and the fact that there is NO trouble uploading it to my server, so I decided to give another look to their newer designs, because I wanted something that would include a shopping cart. I really love their new designs and I decided on going with FP again, I am SOOO happy I did. They seriously have some of THE BEST customer service I have ever experienced. When I first ordered an FP site there was a small problem with my license I received, so I emailed them late at night and they emailed me back first thing in the morning, and everything was fixed. Sure that was nice but I didn’t think much of it, well today they have completely proven themselves in my book. I had a couple questions and emailed them to find out, within ONE HOUR I had a response, again I emailed them and in less than 30 minutes again another response. I was completely happy with the response I got back, but they took it to that next level and completely outdid themselves they once again emailed me with an even better solution. I had already changed things and assumed it would be too late for this new solution and I emailed them back saying wow thanks, I already did as planned so I don’t know if it is too late. Within 2 minutes I had a response back and they said nope and completely took care of me! I am so beyond impressed with them and would highly encourage all my other photog friends to seriously consider going with flash palette when you are purchasing your next web design. Their sites are so amazing and fully customizable. When I talked to them today they said they are coming out with a ton of new things. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us 🙂 maybe a calendar feature??? *hint hint* In all honesty the only reason I even considered blu was for the calendar feature, but when it comes down to it I prefer the many other wonderful options FP has and the awesome customer service! They’ve got a lifelong client here 😉