Christmas Pictures (take 1)

Well I curled the lil boogers hair for her and Logan’s christmas pictures. I decided to do my first attempt at them today. Anyways, her hair came out better this time than last 🙂

Rory’s head in curlers
itchy head mommy

Trying to put the lens cap back on my camera (she really did NOT want pictures lol)
Trying to put the lens cap back ON the camera lmao

Here she is with her hair all curly and cute. I tried bribing her with M&M’s to get her to look at the camera. Instead, she conned me out of M&M’s and still refused to look! lol lil booger
Rory refused to look at me for 99.9% of the pictures lol

And one of my lil man (who is even more uncooperative than his big sister!
this one I could fall down and crash and he STILL wouldn't look at me