My Bum Genius Baby Boy

Yesterday my hubby asked me what I wanted to do. We considered many things but decided to start by going out to breakfast 🙂 After breakfast I asked if we could stop off at this store Kissui I had found online. I have been wanting to buy a Mobywrap for my new lil bean as well as start cloth diapering. I knew that the store was on “citrus” so we drove up and down looking for it, I decided to give them a call. HAHAHA NO it is ON Orange/Cajon (same thing. Anyways, so we call and Laura the store owner tells us where to find her. So we park a block away (no parking on the street) and meander on down there. Ok I seriously think this store is adorable! Laura was so nice, and even though I hadn’t “planned” on buying anything yesterday I went ahead and bought a bunch of cloth diapers and my mobywrap 🙂 I put the diapers on Logan to try them out today! OMG he looked SOOOO adorable!!!

Made the switch to cloth diapers :)