Rebecca and her little ones | Rialto, California | Family Photographer

Today was definitely an interesting day! I woke up with the worst case of morning sickness. Well actually I went to bed with it and didn’t get much sleep lol! I have been so dizzy and lightheaded all day because of it! I ended up calling off of work because I was so ill! However, I had a photo shoot today with Rebecca and her little ones! My dear husband was mad at me for not rescheduling, but I have yet to miss a shoot and I don’t plan on starting now! So I packed up my gear and headed over to Rebecca’s house. Rebecca is SUCH a nice person, she actually reminds me a bit of my Bestest friend Jenn (and it isn’t just because they both have a boy named the same thing)! Her husband is in the army and is currently deployed, so we wanted to get some shots to send over to him! I really wanted to get up her sneak peak today, and between trips to the bathroom it pretty much took me the ENTIRE day to edit these few pics! Anyways, I hope you like them Rebecca! There will be more to come later!