The More the Merrier

What a cool family! I had a shoot on Saturday with 13 people! It was a huge family shoot that included mom, dad their 5 kids, as well as grandma, grandpa, a cousin her significant other and their two cute kids! WOW!!! Can you say a LOT of people 🙂 They were very sweet though and I’d shoot for them anytime 🙂

Here is the sneak peak! I have a TON of pics to go through! With so many people it seems like it never fails that there is always AT LEAST one person not looking at the camera :p

The Grandparents and the kiddos (come on these two look WAY to young to have grandkids!)

Mom and her girls!

WOOHOO!!! Eye contact from everyone except the baby – but seriously babies that young NEVER give eye contact :p