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I am a HUGE believer in Paying it Forward. All of us have been in a situation where things have been tough whether it be loss of a job, illness or just going through a rough patch. It is so wonderful when someone does something to help cheer us up, and pictures are a great pick-me-up!

The contest will start today: August 4, 2009 and run until September 1, 2009. At the end of the contest TWO lucky winners will be selected.

What the contest involves:

Please send me your name and contact information in a private email to (please add me to your address book so if you win I won’t go to spam)

I would like you to nominate a family that you feel would benefit from receiving a session from Turtle Dove Photography. Please include why you feel they would benefit, whether it be illness, death in the family, loss of job or any other reason you feel they are more deserving than any other entry.

When the contest is closed on September 1, 2009. I hope to have a LOT of entries!

As an added bonus if the family you nominate wins then you too will receive a session with Turtle Dove Photography!

Winners will be chosen from a panel of judges by September 11, 2009. I think we all know the significance of 9/11 and what a great way to remember it!

Please remember this is about helping others so be sure to nominate someone deserving and if you don’t know anyone then pass it along to your friends who may know someone.

The two winners will be notified on this blog on September 11, 2009. So please make sure to check back to see if you have won!

The sessions will include a 1-2 hour session within 40 miles of Highland, California & a generous package valued at $1000.00

So let’s all get to thinking!

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