Wanna earn some cash? Sign up for TDP's Referral Program!

Here’s how it works.

1- refer someone to me
2- get cash for every session or wedding booked

yep it is that simple 🙂

Now for the nitty gritty :p

When your referral books a session/wedding and tells me that you referred them I will paypal you money. If you don’t have a paypal account get one 🙂 They are free and easy to use. Then if they book a session you will get $10 if they book a wedding then you get $75! You will get this EVERY time someone books a session/wedding. So if you refer 20 people who book sessions you’ve just earned $200. If those 20 people book a wedding then you get $1500! If you have 100 friends who book weddings guess what you just made $15,000! Oh and when they tell me that you referred them make sure I know who you are! Let me have your paypal email address so I know where to send the money and so that I can contact you if need be 🙂

Here are some great ways to get the ball rolling

1- Referral cards- Pass them out to everyone you think might be interested! There is a special spot for you to put your paypal email address (so I know where to send the money) and when they bring the card in on their session or wedding consultation they get a free 5×7! Here’s what they look like and if you email me (turtledovephotography@hotmail.com) your mailing address I will send you 25 cards to start. If you end up needing more than that NO problem 🙂

2- Referral Banner- Add this banner to your facebook, myspace, blog or website. When someone books a session I will ask them where they heard of me from if they say it was from your site then I will send you money! If you are placing it on a blog or website make sure I know the URL of your site so when they tell me I know who to send the money to 🙂

Copy Code and place banner on your site! 🙂

Yep it is just that simple! You can earn money for simply passing out a card, mentioning my name, or sticking a banner on your site! The more people that book the more money you make! Plus as a bonus- If you get 10 people to book sessions you get free session yourself! So $100 PLUS a free session! Does it get any better than that!

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