Ashlynn Gracie is 4 months old! | Highland, California | Infant Photographer

My sweet little baby turned 4 months old on the 24th! I can’t believe it’s been 4 months with this sweet little girl! She has learned so much in the past few months. She smiles like crazy, she can roll over from her tummy to her back, she can grab at things and put them in her mouth, and she can sit up for a few seconds at a time completely unassisted. She is such an amazing & sweet girl. She fits into our family so well. I love her to pieces!

I think it is amazing that she looks like this:

When she used to look like this:

She has gotten so big!

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  1. Great article. There’s a lot of good info here, though I did want to let you know something – I am running Fedora with the up-to-date beta of Firefox, and the layout of your blog is kind of flaky for me. I can understand the articles, but the navigation doesn’t work so great.

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