N’s Birthday | Rancho Cucamonga, California | Childrens Birthday Photography

I have had the pleasure of photographing N for the past few years. It has been so wonderful to see how much she has grown! She is becoming the sweetest thing & her spunky attitude cracks me up 🙂 So here are a few shots from N’s birthday bash!

The Birthday Girl


oh yes everyone got in on the face painters who were quite talented. I don’t have a website for them but if you contact me I can get you their info 🙂

Ron’s Balloons was there! This guy is ABSOLUTELY amazing! If you are having a birthday party you HAVE to hire him! SOOOO awesome! I’ll post more pics of his work later as well 🙂 Here is his site www.Ronsballoons.com

Ok seriously! Check out these amazing little hula monkey/palm trees that Ron made!!! FREAKIN FABULOUS!!!! oh and of course the family is just ‘monkeying’ around lol

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