I called the cops on a dog.

My husband was working late, and I was sitting at home editing away, when all of a sudden I started hearing all sorts of banging on my house. It sounded like some one was trying to tear through my house. My entire house was shaking. What the heck is going on I thought. When I attempted to peek out the window I discovered that all of our outdoor lights were out. *EEEK* I then called my husband and asked him to come home. Yes I am that much of a chicken. I knew he was on his way but I keep hearing the banging, and my dogs are going wild growling and barking. So I decided I was going to call the cops. They said they would send someone over to check things out. So I sat down on my couch nerves going crazy. . 10 minutes comes and goes. . . 20 minutes comes and goes. . . 30 minutes still no cops. However, my husband arrives home from work and starts checking around the house and discovers that a dog got under our house and was chasing a cat. Nice. So here I am scared out of my mind because of a DOG! The cops never did show up, although I guess I am glad. . Could you imagine my embarrassment had they showed up. . . What would you have said to the cops? ? ?

Before I was scared out of my head, I managed to edit a few pictures =o)

David's family
So sweet to have the proud grandparents holding their sweet little grand daughter. The grandpa told me she was cute. He definitely was not lying! SO cute!

The lake was so nice, and that fountain was truly exquisite

Mommy and baby
Gorgeous mommy & daughter!

Proud uncle
What a proud uncle! I absolutely adore the mix of fall colors on the trees along with the beautiful lake. What do you think?

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