I HATE Mashed Potatoes ~ Highland, California ~ Family Photography

I know I am probably one of the ONLY Americans who HATE potatoes. Not only do I hate potatoes, mashed potatoes are by far the worst. Even the smell of them make my gag reflex start working. If I walk into a house making mashed potatoes and I haven’t prepared myself for the horrid smell you can easily find me running for the door. . . the bathroom door *GAG*. When I was a child I looked forward to the day when I would NEVER EVER have to be around mashed potatoes again. Well it would be JUST my luck that Logan, my 2 year old, is just as finicky of an eater as I was, and one of the ONLY things he will eat is potatoes! So I broke down and bought a 5 pound bag of mashed potatoes at the store yesterday. I figure that him eating potatoes HAS to be better then him ONLY eating goldfish crackers & scrambled eggs. So I am learning how to cook and mash up nasty disgusting potatoes. It’s ok though part of my New Years resolution is to have my family eat better. So tonight’s menu consisted of ‘mashed potatoes’, rice, marinated chicken, corn and green peas. More work than usual went into dinner & my husband LOVED it. I put a bit of everything on Rory and Logan’s plates. Rory ate up the potatoes, rice corn and a few peas. Logan only ate the potatoes. *sigh* I HATE mashed potatoes!
Mashed potatoesMy husband's plate

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8 Replies to “I HATE Mashed Potatoes ~ Highland, California ~ Family Photography”

  1. Not bad, I passed this on to a crony of mine, and he actually bought me lunch because I found this for him, so let me rephrase: Thanks for lunch.

  2. Mashed Potatoes have always made me gag too. I can eat fries, chips, potatoes & onions sauteed in oil, and even a plain baked potato. I’ve finally narrowed my gag reflex down to potatoes & butter together. Something about that combination just sets me off. Like you, both of my girls love the vile stuff, and one of them will just about only eat them and macaroni & cheese (sigh!). Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh that is too funny! What is with these kids! hahahaha. I can’t handle baked potatoes, or potato skins either. however I like french fries and chips 😀

  3. I think this is one of the healthiest vegetables. It always helps satisfies my hunger and doesn’t have much calories versus the amount.

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