Modelriffic ~ Claremont, California ~ Child Photography

I got to meet up with a fellow cloth diaperer, Yolanda, and her beautiful family. We headed over to Bridges Auditorium in Claremont for her session. Her kids are GORGEOUS! Totally Modelriffic! Yeah that’s right, I made up a word to describe how cute these two are!

Handsome little guy!
She is absolutely STUNNING

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4 Replies to “Modelriffic ~ Claremont, California ~ Child Photography”

  1. Jenilee is a miracle worker. These supposed “modelrific” kids were completely uncooperative and crying through half the session. These three pics make up for all the stress we went through. Thanks, Jennilee for pulling out their inner beauty!

  2. Lindsey & Jeff- Thanks =o)

    Yolanda- Thanks 🙂 As I said they’re kids they are prone to meltdowns, especially when it is something important to Mommy & Daddy 🙂 Tell Chad not to be embarrassed I have kids I know how it is 😉

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