Oak Glen Raspberry Picking ~ Oak Glen, CA ~ Photography

I was woken up at 6:30am by my 4.5 yr old crawling into bed with me. “Mommy, wake up. Let’s go have fun! It’s a bright sunny day!” Well how can I possibly say no to that? So I got the kids fed and dressed and we headed over to Los Rios. We were originally going to do some apple picking but discovered that they still had raspberries! So we decided to go ahead and pick some of those as well. The kids had a blast 🙂 We discovered that not only does Rory love raspberries, so does Ashlynn & even more Ashlynn loves to feed them to people hahaha. Overall it was a great morning. 🙂

Taken by my friend 🙂

Look Logan they go in the basket

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