Like Taking Candy from a Big Sister ~ Redlands, California ~ Child Photographer

I love my girls. They bring me so much joy! I recently found heart shaped lollipops (or candypops as Rory calls them) at Target. I thought it would be fun to do a little shoot with my girls. Everything was going smoothly until I decided to take pictures of them together. Two little girls and one candypop is sure to cause a meltdown & of course my oldest is such a drama queen that it is just too funny not to share an out-take from the session 🙂

Ashlynn eyeing the lolli
Give it to ME

Ashlynn gets it and Rory melts down lol (totally blurry but oh-so funny)

Before the lolli was brought out :p

Yumm! Taste that plastic wrapper!

Rory’s crocodile tears cleared up the second she got the lollipop back :p

My favorite pic of Rory in a LONG time. I plan on getting this printed and putting it in her room or in my studio 🙂

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