NEW PROPS! ~ Child Photography ~ Inland Empire, California ~

I had to take the baby to the Doctor’s office today. It was a surprisingly short visit so I decided to get a little ‘shopping’ done. I was able to find 3 awesome new props 🙂 I wanted to find props that were more gender neutral, I found 2 of those and then couldn’t pass up the cute little girly one :p I’m so happy with my finds and cannot WAIT to try them out on someone who isn’t my kids hahahaha

I’d love to hear your thoughts and input!

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3 Replies to “NEW PROPS! ~ Child Photography ~ Inland Empire, California ~”

  1. I’m excited to be finally posting online after all these years. There really is no mystique (sp) about it, is there? I just dropped by your blog and had to write something. I’m a recent college grad, journalism major if you must know, and I absolutely love the art of photography. I’ve got my site up but it’s nothing to boast about yet. None of my stuff’s been posted. Soon as I figure out how to do that, I’ll spend the day posting my best pictures. anyway just thought I’d drop a line. I hope to return with more substantial stuff, stuff you can actually use. SPG

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