Incredible Flying Baby ~ Family Photography ~ Redlands, CA & Peru, IN~

What a fun session indeed. This absolutely handsome little guy is just one month shy of turning the infamous ONE. This is such a huge deal and completely bittersweet for most parents. You go from having a sweet little baby to having a toddler. You no longer age them by months now it is years & half years. Your sweet little one is growing up and learning how to do new things every day. I had an awesome time meeting, laughing and of course taking pictures of this family 🙂 Here is the official sneak peek 🙂

I absolutely LOVE this shot! Look how happy this baby is!

Poor mommy was stressing for this one. I can totally relate I remember when my first born was a baby I was deathly afraid for my husband to do anything like this. . . Now 3 kids later I am constantly throwin the baby in the air and making her laugh. Oh how things change :p

An hour later this little guy was DONE. Look at that sleepy face <3

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