Pay It Forward Contest Winners Announced

Hi everyone! I know I am late on posting the winners to the Pay IT Forward Contest. There were just so many touching stories it was hard to narrow it down to only two. After much thought we have FINALLY decided on the two winners.

The two Winners are

The Parerra Family and the Reindl family.

Stories of the winners to come 🙂

*Please contact me within 30 days to set up your session

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Party It Up!!!! Busy Busy | Highland, California | Event Photographer

For a limited time I am offering a huge deal on my Birthday Party Packages! Plus they include a disc! Does it get any better than that!!! Payment is due in full prior to the Party to book your session and is non-refundable. AS AN ADDED BONUS!!! For only $50 more you can receive an in studio mini session for your birthday boy or girl! Plus you will receive a complimentary Greeting Card! Your choice of a Birthday Invitation or a Thank You card! (If you prefer the Invite it is recommend you do the session 4 weeks prior to your little one’s party so that the design will be ready in time for you to print & mail).

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Individual Session Package | Highland, California | Family Photographer

Do you have a milestone to document but don’t need an entire session? This is a great little session perfect for your child’s milestones! It is a weekday in studio session for 1 child and you will receive a disc with 7-10 images!

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Individual Session
1 child $85.00

Pay it Forward | Redlands, California | Family Photographer

I am a HUGE believer in Paying it Forward. All of us have been in a situation where things have been tough whether it be loss of a job, illness or just going through a rough patch. It is so wonderful when someone does something to help cheer us up, and pictures are a great pick-me-up!

The contest will start today: August 4, 2009 and run until September 1, 2009. At the end of the contest TWO lucky winners will be selected.

What the contest involves:

Please send me your name and contact information in a private email to (please add me to your address book so if you win I won’t go to spam)

I would like you to nominate a family that you feel would benefit from receiving a session from Turtle Dove Photography. Please include why you feel they would benefit, whether it be illness, death in the family, loss of job or any other reason you feel they are more deserving than any other entry.

When the contest is closed on September 1, 2009. I hope to have a LOT of entries!

As an added bonus if the family you nominate wins then you too will receive a session with Turtle Dove Photography!

Winners will be chosen from a panel of judges by September 11, 2009. I think we all know the significance of 9/11 and what a great way to remember it!

Please remember this is about helping others so be sure to nominate someone deserving and if you don’t know anyone then pass it along to your friends who may know someone.

The two winners will be notified on this blog on September 11, 2009. So please make sure to check back to see if you have won!

The sessions will include a 1-2 hour session within 40 miles of Highland, California & a generous package valued at $1000.00

So let’s all get to thinking!

Economic Stimulus Package! | Redlands, California | Family Photographer

I understand that in these tough times not everyone can afford beautiful luxury photography. So I am offering an “economic stimulus package”.

For $150 you will receive a session* on the day & the location of your choice (within 20 miles of Highland, California), 15-20 fully edited pictures hosted online as well as a high resolution disc of images with print rights! This is a $625 value yours for only $150! This offer is for the first 10 people who book their session! So be sure to contact me ASAP to book your session! Or simply pay with paypal below with a list of days & times that work for you and I will be sure to contact you to finalize date, time & location!

*Session is for up to 4 people each additional person is $10.

*$150 Session fee due upon booking your session

New Blog & Store

Hi Everyone!

I am really excited to have opened up a new blog/store! I will be selling all of these adorable little hats on my blog/store. I plan on offering other things soon as well!

Here is a preview of one of the hats I will be offering 🙂 So be sure to bookmark the site and drop me a line if you have any special requests or questions 🙂

0-3 months $21.00